Eliminate checkout complexity

Everyone loves the convenience of buying goods from a mobile device. However, when confronted with a cumbersome, multi-form checkout sequence, customers quickly abandon the sale. With Payment Request, retailers eliminate checkout frustration, reducing the barriers of a successful mobile transaction.

Campmor decreased cart abandonment 65% with Payment Request

A simplified checkout eliminates payment friction, resulting in greater mobile returns.

One-click mobile checkout

With one click, mobile shopping just got faster and easier for customers and retailers alike. Payment Request eliminates checkout forms and automatically populates a user’s information to create a seamless experience. The technology is an open-standard specification and vendor agnostic. It works with most payment systems, browsers, devices and platforms.

Progressive web app with Payment Request API

How Payment Request works?

The API accesses payment information stored in a shopper’s wallet, which requires pre-authorization to be granted by the user. In turn, instead of collecting a user’s billing information via a checkout form, the API auto fills the required fields – eliminating the biggest barrier to a successful checkout. From there, the browser mediates all the information passed between the wallet and the merchant.

The Payment Request API handles virtually any kind of payment method, including bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, e-money, points and much more.

Clients with frictionless checkout