Millennials and the Second Screen

Mobile Phone

Millennials and their unique media consumption are shifting the way content is delivered and consumed; they are viewing content on more than one screen at a time. Millennials are simultaneously looking at their mobile devices while watching TV, and there is a fight for their attention due to the second screen. If you are targeting Millennials with your message, your best strategy is to reach them through their mobile device.

The Facts

Millennials still watch traditional TV. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is how they watch. Let’s begin with defining Millennials; Millennials are the demographic of people ages 18-34. They grew up with rapidly changing technology and smartphones, which is very different from preceding generations. These generational differences change when, how and how much Millennials are engaging with digital content.

Nearly 90% of Millennials are accessing information while actively watching TV. One big reason for this is to avoid watching commercials. Advertisers are having to rethink traditional advertising strategies and reach their target demographic through use of social media and mobile devices. Another reason Millennials might be picking up that second screen is to find out more information about what they are watching. They want to find more about their favorite shows and actors, tweet about the most recent episode, search for products they saw in their favorite movie or documentary, etc.

Is your site mobile friendly?

If your site isn’t mobile ready, it might be time to consider developing a mobile-first strategy. There is a growing expectation for content to be accessible on all devices and screens, no matter how big or small, and for it to be fast!

If a customer watching Game Of Thrones decides she needs to find supplies to make an Arya costume for Halloween or make her own dragon egg, or learn archery, or nail Natalie Dormer’s makeup, or paint GOT landscapes….  Be ready and waiting for her during the commercial break.

There is no reason to alienate your audience when it’s so easy to reach them through a mobile friendly-website. Viewing a desktop site on a mobile device takes away from the user’s experience, and that could cost you. Contact us with any of your questions and let’s convert your website to mobile today!