The Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) website was sluggish and, albeit mobile, offered users a less-than-desirable experience. Furthermore, the site’s digital infrastructure was complex and outdated, including several layers built on SharePoint, making mobilization an overwhelming undertaking. BGCA turned to WompMobile to create a world-class mobile experience, enabling the organization to remain connected to a changing, diverse set of stakeholders.

Which products were used?

Mobile Optimize

A world-class mobile experience, optimized for small screens

Mobile Optimize

Optimizing for a growing mobile audience

WompMobile designed a “go live” approach, implemented in 21 days, requiring limited-to-no support from the BCGA development team. In order to maximize user engagement, and to speed up and enhance the overall user experience, WompMobile developed a single URL, JavaScript-adaptive solution. WompMobile ensured a seamless integration of the desktop experience to mobile, including its search functionality, CMS and analytics.


increase in mobile conversions


decrease in mobile abandonment


increase in mobile pages per session